Time for a new career move?

You need an easily updated CV which is always where you left it.
  • Apply for work & studies
  • Renegotiate your salary
  • Prepare for a change of career path
  • Present yourself to potential customers
  • For students, jobseekers and job changers
  • Fully functional 90 day free trial
  • Make an account with pre-written CV examples
  • Pay only for the calender month you use - no auto renewal

So let's try it right now

See how your CV could look with your name and email in it. We'll borrow our ficticious English/french speaking Recruiter Marianne O'Brien's CV data for this example.

  • No watermarks on the documents during the free trial period
  • When you register you can start with an an empty account or
    a copy of this demo user

90 days free

Free as in FREE and fully functional, not free as in competitor sites which want monthly payment plans when you have started making your CV.

This is FREE free for 90 days. After the free period these prices apply.

Some examples - More templates under development

Resumes (Short form CVs)CVs (Long form CVs)Cover letters
 • Resume • Curriculum Vitæ • Cover letter
 • Meritförteckning • Curriculum Vitæ • Ansökningsbrev
 • Resume • Curriculum Vitæ • Demande d'emploi

CV settings, privacy & personal touches

  • Show/Don't show my picture
  • Show/Don't show my address
  • Choose the alignment of your CV/resume
  • Choose the colors of texts and titles
  • Choose the sort order for education and work
  • Choose your local date format.

Automatic PDF documents with just a few clicks!

  • Maintain your CV/Resume in multiple languages
  • Instant CVs, Resumes and Cover Letters supporting 18 languages
  • Make as many documents as you need
  • Create unique CVs and letters for each application
  • Copy previous letters for new applications
Professional standard PDF documents preferred by recruiters.

Never lose that CV again

  • Know exactly where you have your CV
  • No need to search old disks and email accounts
  • Easier to update
  • PDF format which looks the same everywhere

Planning tools, activity reports and more

  • Request an expert audits your CV/resume
  • Provide reports to the unemployment office upon request
  • Send test applications to your own email address
  • Tips on how to prepare for interviews
  • Interview checklist
  • Personal to-do list
  • Personal email reminders

PDFs look the same everywhere unlike word documents

  • The recipient is guaranteed to see the document the way you want them to without spell-checkers underlining the texts in red.
  • Edit, print or save them to disk for use elsewhere.

Job searches

Search 1000's of jobs all over the world directly from the job search engine in the member's area of this site.
  • Try it now. No login neccessary.
  • Job listings from all over the world.
  • Every country and city.

CV settings, privacy & personal touches

You can choose the alignment of your CV/Resume title, the colors of texts and titles, the sort order of your educational and work experience as well as if you want your address or picture to be included. You can also easily choose if you want to exclude specific educational and work assignments from CVs and Resumes.

CV, Resume or Executive Profile?

Switch between Curriculum Vitae (long form CV), Resume and Executive Profile with a click.
CVResumeExecutive ProfileArchitect

3 simple steps...

Once you've entered your details making a CV, Resume or Cover Letter is easy.
  1. Enter a name for your document.
  2. Choose preferred sort order, text alignments and colours.
  3. Press the 'Create' button.
Done! Your document appears as a pdf.

* limited time only

We offer companies:

  • Consultant profiles
  • Reporting tools
  • Tools for job coaching services
  • Recruitment process integration
  • Export to HR-XML
  • Dynamic Candidate information
  • Flexible searches and trigger events